“Why was Trump elected president, Mama?”

The election is over thank goodness.  I found this election to be tougher and uglier than I ever imagined.  Did you?  I like to think I had armed myself with information that I needed to be an informed voter but even I couldn’t stomach some of the things that happened.  Adults are pretty predictable once you get the general direction they intend to go and we do have a voice, even if the outcome may not be the one we wanted, but it was still tough.  It was tougher on my children.

My kids are 7 and 9 and their school held a mock election.  Most voted for Hilary Clinton.  They were asked why they voted for Mrs. Clinton and the general answer was that they did not like Trump.  They did not like his language, which came as a shock to them, and they saw him as a bully.  That was very significant since the school advocates a No Bullying stance.  Needless to say, most of the students, like a lot of the nation, were stunned at the outcome of the election.

Now came the hard part.  How do I explain to my children why Trump is the next president?  My children and I did sit down to talk about it.  They were surprised and confused.  They didn’t understand why a bully would be president.  I told them in second and fourth grade terms and as concisely as possible that people vote to get someone elected and that they thought that Trump would do a better job that Clinton.  I told them that now everyone would need to accept it and work together to make this country work, including the next president.  I said that he would have to work together with a team of people in government to make things work.  He is not the only person who makes decisions, much like their principal must work with a team of people in his office, teachers and parents to make important decisions and make the school work better.  They came away with a better understanding a little relief, which I thought was unfortunate.

I have a hope that the president-elect will settle down and quit acting like a 2-year old on how he represents the office of the President of the United States.  It is not only world leaders or citizens who paid attention this crazy year.  Children overwhelmingly paid attention to this election because schools were educating them on the democratic process which turned out to be a very unorthodox event.  No one could have predicted that foul language or such mean-spirited behavior would have occurred.  It is my great hope that people in this country do not use words from the campaign as a way to make it OK to fuel hate either way.  It is already happening and now that the election is over, it is up to the him who started this path to quell the fears, hurt and hate that he created.  He likes to tweet.  He should use it for good, o no?

Children are the future and they are paying attention.

What do you think?



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