Flu Season

Flu season has been very hard for us in our neck of the woods this year.  Even with my children getting their flu shots, they still got pretty sick with bronchitis.  Even I, who rarely gets sick, got it bad this year.  I got the whole nine yards:  bronchitis, mucous, severe congestion, cold and headaches.

As a mom, it is hard to let things go when you are sick.  There is so much to do and if you are the one who takes care of the house, letting someone else take the reins while you are sick is pretty hard.  My husband had to take over for a couple of weeks and he went crazy!  He was at a loss of what to do but he did ok….well sort of!

What do you do to prevent your kids from getting sick?

  1.  Wash hands!  This is so important and it is extremely hard because they are at school and you can’t be there to tell them to wash their hands.  I’ve gone to the school and begged their teachers to please tell them to wash their hands.  Of course, they are not their mother and they are busy so they only do what they can.  I tell my children to PLEASE wash their hands after PE, before lunch, after lunch and any time they are painting or working with crafts.  Tell them, tell them, tell them!  Bug them, bug them, bug them!  It is hard for me to see my kids come home with sticky, grimy hands.  This is the number one cause for cold viruses, germs and bacteria.
  2. Disinfect!  I know this sound obvious but I disinfect with a Clorox wipe every surface my kids touch, such as the chairs at the dinner table, door knobs, their bathroom, their most used toys, etc.  I do this as quickly as possible because believe it or not, they still put things in their mouths!
  3. Do Not Share Chapsticks!  Little girls and boys always share things, even weird stuff like glue-on nails.  My kids need their chapstick because the air is so dry here.  The only thing I tell them is not to share their chapsticks because then their lips will fall off when Winter is over.  Scaring them into not sharing them is the only way I have been able make sure that they don’t share with their friends.  Oooh!

Flu season.  It has been a tough Winter on all of us.

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