Hello Again!

Hi!  I’m back to my blog!

I know it’s been awhile but I’m glad to be back.  Priorities changed for me for awhile there and it was hard to get to the blog.  As a mom, there were a lot of decisions that I had to make about my life.  My elderly father is a big part of that process now so I’ve had to re-arrange tasks and do a lot of things differently.  My children have also been participating in a few extracurricular activities, which takes up a lot of time that I didn’t factor in.  But we live and learn, right?

But now I’m back and with a few changes.  First, I’ve thought about how and when I was going to blog.  I’ve decided to start by blogging twice a week, Wednesday  and Saturday.  This will give me time to write and produce better content.  Even though I think I’ve done OK, I think I can do a lot better.  All my ideas tend to get bunched up in my head and I realized that I was publishing a bunch of things too fast and I was also not being consistent enough either.  Blogging twice a week will allow me that improvement.

Second, I want to improve the look of the blog by keeping up with my seasonal and holiday photos.  As you know, I absolutely LOVE keeping up-to-date on all of the holidays and in turn, getting creative with all of the crafting, quilting, knitting, and sewing associated with it.  As always, I will try to use original photos but if I use someone else’s then I will always make sure to credit the photo.

Lastly, I really appreciate that I have a chance to do this and to share it with my audience so if anyone would like to make any suggestions, or share any recipes, projects, or anything at all, please feel free to do so.  Thanks!

What’s coming up?  Autumn!  Can’t wait!

Here is a simple barrette that I made for my daughter’s 16 de Septiembre pre-k performance.  We were asked to make a hair clip to go along with their costumes for their folklorico dance.  Neat huh?  And simple too!

16 de Septiembre barette

16 de Septiembre barrette

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