Happy First Day of Spring!

Welcome to the first day of Spring!

What are you most looking forward to?  Watching the first signs of brand new colorful flowers?  Or perhaps the end of Winter?  What about nice, fresh rain?  I am looking forward to all of that but I am also looking forward to creating all kinds of colorful crafts to enhance the Spring season!  How about if we start off with something simple?

I really like to officially welcome each season by placing a banner outside my front door or in my front yard.  Nothing big, just a pop of color that pertains to the season.  There are different kinds of ways to do this:

1.  You can buy a store-bought banner that welcomes the season.  These are nice when you are in a pinch.  There are a lot of nice, inexpensive ones out there.  Walmart sells this one:

Spring banner @ walmart.com

Spring banner @ walmart.com


or this one from Colorful Images:

Spring Welcome Banner by Colorful Images

2. You can create your own!  If you have a little time you can create your very own banner to put on your door or mount in your yard.  I like to use fabric to create mine because you can always wash it and put it away until next season.  You can buy fabric that is pre-designed such as this daisy one I bought at Joann Fabric:



You can enhance the fabric by stitching some of the daisies in a bold, contrasting thread and sewing a stitch seam all around to make it look neat.  Add a cute ribbon and hang it on your door and that’s it!

You can also buy a simpler fabric, such as a pretty pink, blue, or yellow plaid and embellish it with a fusible web design such as Welcome Spring or the like.

So how about it?  Are we ready to leave Winter behind and welcome Spring?  I sure am!  So let’s see those banners!

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