February – It Is Still Flu Season

What a February it has been!  It’s been a hard month with so many sick children, including my own.  When one got over being sick, the other one got sick.  It was a non-stop cycle but I’m happy to say that they are doing much better.

We must remember, however, that it is still flu season.  In our community 15 people have passed away due to the flu so far:


This is alarming when you consider that some of these people were healthy adults with no medical issues.  Since the flu has hit so hard this season, I have been extra vigilant of my children especially because children are not particularly clean, especially small children at school.  One of my greatest concerns is with my first grader, who has lunch right after P.E.  What they do (if that) is grab a little sanitizer and half-heartedly “wash” their hands.  I am trying to get the school to take at least 5 minutes before lunch time to go to the bathrooms to wash their hands.  It is a terrible situation.

Some tips:

1.  Get the flu vaccine.

2.  Teach them to wash their hands as often as possible.  If you are overbearing as I am about this, they will thank you for it someday and you will rest easier.

3.  Teach them not to put their fingers, hands, or objects in their mouths.  Even first graders still carry this bad habit.

4.  Wash the jackets, sweaters, gloves, etc. that are thrown in the lost and found in hot water before their next use.  The lost and found is a breeding place for germs, seriously.

5.  Teach them to sneeze or cough into a tissue if possible, but if not, away or into their arm.  This is extremely important and it is not something that they will learn overnight.

It has been a long month but I am happy that my children are back to normal and feeling well.

Until the next time….AH!

This hot chicken noodle soup was our best friend.  by www.mccormick.com

This hot chicken noodle soup was our best friend. by www.mccormick.com

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