On The 1st Day of December

The Comfort Trunk gave to you:  Buy small business!

Here we are again, the time of year where we like to celebrate family and give the best of ourselves.  So how about going a little further and help out someone else?  Here’s a tip to really stretch your dollars plus help small and local business grow.

Yesterday was Small Business Saturday but wouldn’t it be great to keep buying small business all year round?  Did you know that you can save money by using services or buying products that are found locally at a much more competitive rate?  For example, how about going to a seamstress instead of to a store to make your holiday party dress this year?  It’s affordable, custom, and believe me, a seamstress will have exactly you in mind and she would appreciate your business.  Or how about going to a local confectioner instead of buying candy at a store?  The selection is abundant and you get more for your buck, such as a small bucket for 5 cents.  Sounds good!  One more fun alternative to going to the gym and paying a membership to lose all those holiday pounds…ZUMBA!  Yes!  Did you know that this is a start-up business for most instructors?  It’s more affordable than going to a gym and it is so much fun that you will find yourself actually wanting to go to each session as opposed to a gym you might get to only once in a while.

So on this first day of Christmas, let’s buy or seek out small business.  In this economy, it’s a solution.

Small business humor. Image by Randy Glasbergen


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  1. The Birch of the Shadow

    I believe there may perhaps become a handful of duplicates, but an exceedingly useful list! I’ve tweeted this. Many thanks for sharing!

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