Thank You!

I have been blogging for a fairly short time, or maybe a little longer than that (some seasoned bloggers’ might beg to differ), but I really want to take this moment to just say thank you to those who have signed on to my blog and trudged along with me.  I am still working on how to run this site and still learning on how to work out some of the administrative kinks.  I am running this on my own since its inception so I get stuck a lot.  Maybe it’s time I should look around for some help.  LOL

I have a ton of projects I have worked on and am working on and a ton of things I want to post that is non-quilt, craft, or sewing related so I thank you for sticking with me.  I’ve figured out a few things so I think I can post more frequently than I have been.  Again, I’m just in fix mode so it’s not that I’m being lazy!

Here’s a little something that’s off the wall (literally!) that came up in my decorating venture:

Future Picasso's?

Future Picasso’s?

My children were in a creative mood (or maybe a naughty mood!) and decided to grace our living room wall with a Picasso-worthy sketch.  Of course, I almost hit the roof but then I got to thinking, why not?  This “sketch” is on a wall of our soon-to-be entertainment center and it was colored on sheet rock (thank goodness!) but it is rather good, so I’ve decided to make that part of the entertainment center.  After my husband finishes the surface, this part will be framed off.  It will become a part of the face decor of the entertainment center.  I will be a while before it can be displayed but the sketch is what is most important.  Wow, who would have thought this would work?

What do you think?  Great idea?  or not?

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