Let’s Talk About That Pesky Inseam

Have you ever gone into a store and found that perfect pair of jeans?  Every part of them fit perfectly, from your waist all the way down to your….knees?

For us tall women (5’9 and over, way over!) it is a real challenge to find pants or jeans that have a long enough inseam.  Actually, almost any kind of inseam, (skirt hemlines, long arm sleeves, etc.) but most especially the inseam on pants or jeans.  I’m 6’0 barefoot and I can tell you from experience that it has plagued me my entire life.  I’ve been to so many stores in my life and have seen so many beautiful pieces of clothing but my perfect pair of pants are always too short, hit right there at the ankle, or swing around when I walk and appear shorter unless I am standing still.  Does that sound familiar?  Ah, I know.  You cover up the length discrepancy with booties in the Winter, right?  Yes, been there, done that.  You are anticipating a flood on a nice sunny day.  I’ve heard that one too.

We know the problem.  Now let’s look at some solutions.

We can buy in specialty shops.  There are not very many stores that specialize in tall women’s clothing with a specific focus on longer inseams.  Those are hard to find.  If you are lucky enough to have one in your neck of the woods, I’d really like to know.  Around these parts, I can assure you that there are none.  There are a little more options online, such as Long Tall Sally.  Their prices are so-so and they carry inseams up to 38 inches.  WOW!  Vanity is also another specialty store for tall women.  Their inseams are up to 37 inch.  Torrid is another one if you are more on the plus side even though their sizes begin at 12.  I’m size 14 but I’m not plus size.  Prices here are average but I like to shop the sales.

I’d like to make a suggestion here.  Just like with any product you buy make sure to shop around.  There are stores out there that sell jeans at reasonable prices.  If you can’t afford high-end clothing, then words like boutique, design(er), or couture are probably a head’s up on high prices.

We can buy in retail stores that carry longer inseam clothing.  This one is tricky.  There are a lot of retail clothing stores which say that they carry longer inseams but that really depends on their definition of what inseams mean.  A tall woman like me likes her inseams between 35 to 38.  Some retail stores that carry such inseams are Victoria’s Secret, the Gap, Old Navy, Macy’s, J.C Penny (Lee & Levi’s), Target, Express, etc.  You just have to look for them and just kind of stick with what you like.  These stores also carry plus sizes.

We can custom-make our own clothing.  Imagine that!  We can just sew our own pants!  Another little trick that I’ve found from time to time is when I find a really great pair of pants but they are just a little too short, I look at the inseam to see if I can let it down.  Sometimes the designer will leave a generous amount of extra fabric that was sewn up in the pant.

What about cropped pants or jeans?  In today’s fashion industry, we have learned to be innovative when it comes to style.  Sometimes, something totally unexpected is suddenly ok to wear or it is the ‘it’ thing now.  I remember when I used to swear that I would never be caught dead wearing too short pants and guess what?  Now there is the ‘cropped’ option, which really, are inseams that hit right at the ankle, are above the ankle, or are a variation of a long capri pant or jean.  Here again, you just have to find something that you are really comfortable with.  I’m not a high heel kind of girl anymore, I’m more comfortable in flats, so I haven’t really absorbed the entire idea of cropped pants looking good on me.

Now with all that said, isn’t it irritating when you see a woman of average height wearing a short inseam as if it is all the rage?  Really irritating!

What is your perfect pair?

These are a hipster style of jeans that I like from Victoria's Secret.  They are my go-to style.

These are a hipster style of jeans that I like from Victoria’s Secret. They are my go-to style.


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