Welcome to the BER months!

Finally, right?  Even though Labor Day is considered the unofficial start to the Fall/holiday season, I am taking full advantage of each day because, by far, this is my favorite time of year.  I am so excited that Summer is just about behind us and I have already said goodbye!

So to get started with this exciting time, let me share a little crafty project I completed for my daughter.  It is a simple beaded bracelet.  Crafting is not hard.  You just need a lot of imagination and a willingness to put your creations out there.  I haven’t really delved into this form of creativity so it was so much fun to try to make something she wanted.  My daughter is at that phase where she wants to wear a lot of jewelry and I don’t really think she is ready for the good stuff, so I decided to make her a small bracelet.  She really loves it!

Juliet's Bracelet

Juliet’s Bracelet

Hugs and Kisses!

Hugs and Kisses!

If you’d like to make this bracelet, it’s super easy!  Here’s how:

First, take a 1/4 thick piece of elastic and wrap it around your wrist.  Cut the piece to the length you want.  There is smaller elastic you can get if the 1/4 inch is too thick.  They come in different colors too.  I used white.

Second, take any kind of bead you want and string it through.  I used the standard square, alphabet beads.  You can also use flowers, charms, or bling!  It all works!

Third, if you want to use buttons, like I did with the flower and heart, it’s super easy.  Just take your needle and thread and sew it directly on to the elastic where you want it placed, just like you would on fabric.  Remember, these buttons will not move, so place them accordingly.

Finally, sew your elastic together and make sure you make a few solid stitches.  The moveable beads should cover the stitching, like with mine, so they won’t show.

Viola!  There you have it!  What will your bead look like?

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