Teacher Mug Rug

School is out this week and my adorable son wanted to give his kindergarten teacher a ‘Thank You’ gift to let her know how much fun he had this year.  He told me that his teacher used a napkin whenever the class had treats and would re-use it as a way to show them how to recycle.  I suspect she did eventually throw it away (I hope!).  I thought it would be nice for her to have something a little more permanent on her desk so, with his blessing, I decided to make her a mug rug.

Creating a mug rug is rather simple.  The fun part (or the hard part, depending on how you look at it) is deciding what kind of design, patterns, fabric, and colors you want.


Basic supplies

I chose two 8 x 11 pieces of alphabet fabric for the background and backing and a lime green color for the binding and lettering.  I chose to do the fusible web applique method since I was so short on time.  If you want a great source and/or tutorial on how to do this for a mug rug, below is a link to The Crafty Gemini where she explains in wonderful detail how to make your own mug rug.  She’s really good!



Teacher’s name


Smart Quote!

I decided to put together a simple mug rug consisting of her name and a clever quote of some kind that would say it all.  I noticed, much to my dismay and a little too late, that I should have used a darker thread to outline her name but, I have small children who interrupt every 3 minutes so I didn’t catch my mistake.  It’s still ok!



I did a simple contrasting binding with cute little “bow” stitching all around (which unfortunately you also can’t see in the image) to finish up my mug rug.

And there it is!  Do you like it?  One tip I’d like to share:  If you are a beginner like me, it’s OK to make mistakes and it’s ok for the project not to look “perfect”.  What is perfect anyway?  My mug rug has a lot of mistakes in it but I think that my son’s teacher will appreciate the gesture on his part, his effort.  If you make something for someone, such as a small gift as this one, the person receiving it will love it because it is handmade and it came from you!

Are you inspired to make one too?  🙂

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