May Book: Lush

Wow, what a name huh?  A book by Lauren Dane.

I liked this book for several reasons:

1.  It is my favorite type of book; I couldn’t put it down!  I read this book in two days.  If I didn’t have other things I needed to do I probably would have read it in a few hours.  The rhythm and flow of the story, the likeability of the characters, the association with real life all contributed to a fast-paced, enjoyable read.

2.  The characters.  All the characters seem so real and so relatable.  I mean, I could be any one of these characters; they were written so well.  Mary is beautiful, independent, classy, and smart.  Damien is cool, sweet, and a gentleman – for a rock star.  I love the author’s choices of profession for each character too.  You go from a bakery, to a catering business, to the rock scene and the red carpet.  Neat, huh?  The main character’s group of friends and family, though, are a little unrealistic but enviable.  I wish I had such a strong family unit and a group of friends that I would die for.  Having a tight, close-knit group of people who you genuinely like who have been in your life for many years is the core in this story.  Still, I can’t help but feel that Mary and Damien’s group of friends and family are a little too good to be true.  When you read the book, you’ll understand that you, too, would wish that your friends would drop by your house at any hour and you would make them gourmet food and it wouldn’t bother you a bit.

3.  The relationships.  Mary and Damien’s relationship is one that I would love to have witnessed for real.  Or be in for real.  From beginning to end, it is a relationship that allows you to indulge in because you wish you were Mary or Damien.  You could ‘feel’ their relationship and the book does a good job of engaging the reader into their world.  Sure, there is a lot of sex, explicit even, but putting that aside, it is a real relationship that anyone could really experience.  At first, it’s just about sex, but then it becomes more, on Damien’s part (which is rare since it is usually the female who wants more) and their challenges and emotions are those that anyone can and do really go through.  It allows the reader to fantasize that they are the characters themselves and experiencing the relationship to its full hilt.  Another great relationship I loved is the one between Damien and his brothers.  They are each flawed in their own way which makes them real.  You know those guys.  You probably have or know those type of boys in your own lives.

Now, I came across this book by chance.  I was looking for something light because the last book I read was so tedious and I wanted a break from that.  This book promised food and that was the hook for me.  I think, however, this book falls under ‘chick lit’ which is a genre I don’t really like, or read, but it was a fun book if you want to distract your mind.  I really, really enjoyed this story of Mary and Damien.  You will too.

Lush by Lauren Dane

Lush by Lauren Dane via

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