My May Bucket List

I know that bucket lists are meant to determine more of life wishes if you will, but I like to keep  things more concise and I get to do more things.  Yes?

This is mine for May:

1.  Stop and smell the flowers.  Yes, even flowers have a sweet smell.

2.  Be more patient.  Summer tends to bring out the ogre in me.

3.  Go fishing!  This will be our family outing for the next few months.

4.  Train my German Shepard.  He’s a puppy but he won’t stay that way.

5.  Complete my May quilt project.  A flower mug rug.

6.  Go on a picnic.  I’ve always wanted one of those baskets!

7.  Watch a good movie.  Ironman 3 comes to mind.

8.  Hold hands.  Sometimes it’s the little things that count for so much.

9.  Enjoy the last month of my son in Kindergarten.  He’s moving on to 1st grade!

10. Tell my family how much I love them.  Every day.

Bucket List Template

I like this template by Amanda Blake. This is one of the ones I use.


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