Mom Guilt

Today’s subject is rather interesting so I decided to share a post from the website on their The Stir page by Jeanne Sager about mom guilt and one from  I was going to post something similar but they beat me to it.  Ha ha.  I like their take on the subject and they pointed out a few things I was surprised about because I haven’t felt some of that particular guilt yet.  Here is Jeanne’s article:

Here is the one from

Now one of the things from my personal ‘mom guilt’ list that I will add is that I feel a tremendous amount of guilt when I do something for myself on occasion.  For example, if I buy myself an outfit or a purse.  I look at my prize and then I feel guilty because I feel as if I should have used the money for something my children need, like clothes, or even my husband needs, like work shoes.

The other thing I feel guilt about is when I tell my kids to brush their teeth (they are still learning) and I don’t follow up with them afterward, especially their nighttime brushing.  I dream of the cavities that are sure to be growing.  I’m just so tired at the end of the day and I figure one night (or two) won’t make a huge difference.  I’ll just brush extra hard the next morning!  LOL!!

Ok, I know there are loads of other guilt trips we burden ourselves with but we really shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves.  It’s all part of being a mom because it is such a hard job (rewarding too).  We need a break now and then.

Do you have any guilt moments as a mom?

I thought this was funny. Imagine if this is really how we do it?

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