The New Family Members

I’ll start by saying this:  I’ve never had a pet of any kind in my entire life and I am in my early 40’s.  I don’t think it was necessarily because I didn’t want one, it was more that we were never introduced to the whole concept as children or thereafter.  As I grew older I must admit that I loved pets, as long as they weren’t my own.  When I became a mom, my husband wanted our children to have a pet to grow up with them just like he did.  He has had dogs and cats (and I think there may have been a hamster in there somewhere) since he was very young so he was used to it.  I wasn’t so sure.

When we first bought our house, my husband’s (beautiful, blue-eyed, and FAT) cat came with us.  She disappeared the following day.  We never saw her again.  After that we happened to come by a rabbit.  One of my husband’s employees gave it to him.  (My husband works in construction).  I liked that rabbit.  He was big, with a black and white coat.  He was pretty much maintenance-free (bonus!) and he was funny to watch.  My son was a baby then so he didn’t really know about him, which turned out to be good because he escaped from our yard.  (were we bad owners?)  We were renovating some areas in our home at the time and the man who was building us a mailbox accidentally left our backyard gate open.  We never saw him again.  ‘sigh’

Then along came a turtle.  Wow, yes, a turtle!  He was pretty cute and it was neat to try to see if we could find him the next day in the yard since he camouflaged so well into the desert landscape.  It used to rain here more than now but back then the weeds grew so fast with all our seasonal rain and that particular year our backyard got out of hand and it became a jungle!  Well, my husband got to work cleaning and mowing the yard after he made sure that the turtle was across the yard (it’s pretty big) and to make a long story short, the turtle somehow made its way across in a few minutes because next thing you know, all you could hear was that ugly deafening crack of shell.  I won’t go any further.  Rest in peace.

So then after the trauma of the turtle, we happened to rescue a pair of pugs from the street.  Our intention was to give them to the local Humane Society to see if they could locate their owners.  They were full breeds and it appeared that they were brother and sister.  Oh boy, what a surprise it was when we realized that the female was in the process of delivering a litter of little pugs one morning.  I mean, since I had never had a dog in my life I called my husband to ask him a few questions about her demeanor and that’s when I deduced that she was indeed giving birth.  Gee.  Well, we took care of them and gave her pups away to good homes and kept the pugs…for awhile.  Our gate was left open again and they ran away.  We never knew who opened the gate and we never saw those pugs again.  I think they were married.

We stayed away from having pets for a long while after that, mainly because my children were babies at the time and I wasn’t going to care for a pup too.  But time has passed and my children are now 5 and 3 and they had been asking for a dog.  So we visited the idea of having a dog again and we looked for just the right one for the better part of one year.  We finally did adopt one, a 2-month old puppy from the Humane Society.  His name is Shakespeare and he has been with us for 3 months now.  He is a good, very playful dog.

Here is Shakespeare:


Photo: Well, I don't know what to say.  I never intended to get another one but it seems that Shakespeare needed a brother.  Trouble is, he thought he was a toy and just tortured the poor thing!  What Shakespeare doesn't know is that in about three to six months time, this one is going to get BIGGER than him and he's going to kick him back! Damn dog!  Sheez!  What can I say?  Never in my life did I think I would actually get one, but now that he's here, well, I couldn't be happier.  I've wanted one for forever!  Meet Champ!

What?  I got another dog?  Yes, I did.  I didn’t intend on getting two dogs but Champ came up because we decided that Shakespeare needed a companion and Champ and his brothers and sisters were going to be sold to the highest bidder and I’ve always wanted a German Shepard.  He is a month old.  It wasn’t an easy decision but we are committed to having healthy pets for our children while they are young and they are so happy with them.  Now our family is complete!

How many pets do you own?  🙂

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