What Kind of Quilts Do You like?

Quilting is an art.  It tells a story.  It is also fun to make.

But how do you choose what kind to make?  How do you choose color, style, size, or design?  Over a period of time I have come across all kinds of quilts from different sources, stores, quilters, and the internet and I’ve come to the conclusion that most quilts come in two abundant varieties: traditional block or geometric quilts and applique.

I have been working on what I call a “season quilt” by putting together all kinds of applique motifs that represent each holiday in each season.  I haven’t put it together yet because I am still working out the themes, which are turning out to be many.  This leads me to think that I will perhaps need to break them up per season.  That may be a better turnout, but I’m not quite sure yet.

The point, however, is that I’ve determined that applique quilting is a lot more fun and turns out a better-looking quilt than the ones that have blocks, triangles, and so forth.  I’m not saying that they are not lovely, but I think they lack something to make it more original.  I love working on the traditional ones for practice, or to give as a gift but in my home, I love looking at little owls, ladybugs, flowers, little trucks, coffee cups, hearts, etc.  I like the pillows, throws, blankets, coasters that have those pretty designs.  Don’t you?

The two images below are random pictures that I found on the internet of applique that I love to see around my house.  Not only for bedding, but these are some examples of things I like to make:

flower bed flower bedding

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