Be My Valentine

Everyone has a different idea or vision of what a Valentine’s Day celebration will be for them.  It really all depends on what your definition of love is.  There are different types of love, such as kindergarten love, parent love, puppy love, shallow love, spiritual love, etc.  It’s also different if you are married, single, a teenager, an elderly person (like in their 90’s), a man, a woman, and so forth.

Let’s look at an elderly’s point of view:

Love is not a fantasy; it is a real commitment and a lot of hard work!  I most admire the couple who got married and made it ‘until death do us part’, as it should be.  It takes a lifetime to build and sustain such a partnership and it takes trust, loyalty, and fidelity to want it that much.  Can you imagine what a couple who has been married say 50, 60, 65+ years have shared, seen, and experienced in all those years?  Can you imagine being married to the same person for that long?  I don’t pretend to glorify a union who must also go through hardships of all kinds and dismiss that they may come out battered and bruised.  It happens to the best of us.  Life tests marriages at every level and it won’t be roses all the time.  But it is precisely those times that makes the marriage thrive.  The two people have to want to make it work and want to make the other person happy, even in trying times.  It is a conscious choice to be that marriage and to give all of yourself, no matter what the circumstances.

In my life I was fortunate to meet and be friends with a couple who had a long marriage, 60+ years.  From the outside looking in I saw a wonderful couple who were always together, were always laughing, smiling, being genial to everyone, and the best of all (my favorite part), they were always holding hands.  That small, simple gesture was so meaningful because of what it represented.  To me it spoke volumes:  ‘you are my wife/husband’, ‘I am here to protect you’, ‘I love you’.  She told me that it was respect that kept them “in sync” when I asked what her secret to her long, happy marriage was.  Enough said.

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage.  That simply does not exist.  You just do what is morally right.  On the flip side of that coin, society today makes a mockery of marriage, especially in the entertainment world, where the young viewing public is so susceptible.  They get their ideas that it’s ok to break-up if the going gets tough.  What a sad time we live in.

What do you think?


Wallpaper is from Impressions – Beyond What You See

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