The Extended Vacation!

Not really, but it was great to take a couple of weeks off, especially because my son had his Winter break from school and I just kind of extended it for my benefit.  It’s been great though.  I go to go to the zoo (yes, really, our weather permits such outings!) with my children, we got a new puppy (ay, lots of work!), and we have been hanging out outside and doing things like going to the park, just like I promised myself I’d do.  I find that I was making too many excuses about why we couldn’t go outside and enjoy the outdoors.  Now with a new puppy, well, it’s easier to keep that promise.  🙂

Have you been quilting, sewing, or crafting?  How’s it going?

I’ve been keeping it light, mainly a lot of mending but it was relaxing and I got a lot out of my ‘to-do’ basket.  I bet you have one of those too, right?  Those odds and ends piled up that you’ve been meaning to get to but didn’t quite have the time?

Well, now it’s back to work.  I’m making a simple bathroom curtain for my sister in our father’s house.  It’s a simple straight stitch but I think I will do a little tiny bumblebee applique in the bottom corner……just a tiny one.  🙂

This is the material my sister chose for the curtains.  It’s VIP by Cranston 2011

A Little "Spring"y, just in time.

A Little “Spring”y, just in time.



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