Calendar Evolution

Several people have asked me why I have, much less need, so many calendars.  Isn’t one calendar enough?

Yes and no.  You see, first of all I love calendars!  I know, cheezy, huh?

I’ve always had a calendar in some form or another throughout my life.  Kind of like a journal, which I also always keep with me.  I started with a small pocket calendar just to keep up with the days.  They were also cute.  I began using them to make appointments, birthdays, and jot down some notes.  I soon realized that the calendar started looking very messy with all my big writing and I was becoming confused with the small, tiny spaces.  I then graduated to a flat, 1-year, monthly, At-A-Glance calendar where the blocks were bigger and there was more space to keep additional information, which I did by adding school, work, and family activities in addition to everything I was already writing in it.  I used that format for several years and I really liked it because it is practical and functional.  However, they are so bland with no color or theme.  I like color.  I love pretty pictures.  I love to open to a page with lots of different aspects like texture, color, and themes.  So I hunted around and found my Vera Bradley agenda, which I have been using for the last 3 years.  These have color, pockets, and nice tabbed dividers.  One small drawback is that the monthly blocks are a bit smaller than the 8 1/2 x 11 calendars, which I missed.  Still, I used it and in addition to everything I was putting in it, I added my son’s kindergarten activities and stickers.  I love stickers!  I also began to write down memorable or significant events in my life (like deaths, events around town, or unexpected experiences) without meaning to, like in a journal.  Did I find my go-to calendar?  Well, sort of.  While I love the Vera Bradley agenda, my handwriting is big.  I have large print and I have a hard time fitting some stuff even if I try to write smaller.

What I decided to do for 2013 is divide up what I write in my agendas into several calendars.  Yup, that’s what I said, several.  I have 5 different calendars for 5 different purposes:

1.  Vera Bradley School agenda – I carry this one in my purse, my every day agenda.  In it, I keep appointments, my son’s school activities, and birthdays.  That’s all.  I find this to be practical and that is all I really need to carry with me at all times.  Also, it helps that my agenda stays flatter.

2.  Lang’s Extraordinary Women Monthly calendar – I keep this one on my desk at home and this is the one where I write down all my activities that have to do with my personal interests, such as crafting, quilting, and scrapbooking.  I have my January projects in it, for example, and I write down each step I take or events I’m attending or classes I am taking as they relate to each subject.  This is a way for me to track my progress and see that I am actually accomplishing something.  I like this one because it is big, has plenty of writing room, and the calendar itself inspires me with its pictures.

 3.  Peanuts 2013 Wall calendar – I have put this one in my son’s room.  He is very curious about time and dates so I thought it would be a good idea for him to start getting a sense of time, such as days of the week, when he goes to school, special dates, and so forth.  He really loves it.

4.  Mom’s Ultimate Family Fridge calendar – Now what mom doesn’t have a refrigerator calendar?  This is very handy and it keeps family dates for all of us to see.  I only write down information pertinent to our family business so that my husband doesn’t have to go into my purse or ask me what is coming up.  He’s in the know too.

5.  Twelve Things To Remember Mini Wall calendar – Finally, I got a small wall calendar for my office just to have something pretty and inspiring to look at.  Again, I love to look at pretty pictures and for 2013, this one fit the bill for me.  Just like I glance at a clock, I like to look over and glance at a calendar just to make sure I’m on the right day!

As you pick your own type of calendar, keep in mind to keep it simple and to your needs.  I’ve had so many years with a calendar and for me it’s like recording a piece of the past.  It’s a way to look at your life in unique ways.  It also serves as a way for you to find or pinpoint certain items that you may need for the future.  Neat, huh?

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