New Year’s Resolutions And All The Rest

Happy 2013!!!

Here we are, a few days into the new year and so much has happened already!  How did you start the new year?  Did you make any resolutions?

Resolutions are a tough concept.  I just mean the idea of resolutions has become very commercial, just like every holiday.  Do I make resolutions?  No.  I think a better method is to set a goal.  Goals are more achievable and a person is more disciplined.  I have a lot of goals but I’ve set them on a monthly basis.   For example, I really want to get more out of my quilting endeavor and for January, I am making a toaster cozy, or toaster cover, however you choose to call it, and commit it to a calendar, where I will be marking my progress.

Quilt Calendar

My Vera Bradley Quilt Calendar









Can't wait to fill it and see how far I go!

Can’t wait to fill it and see how far I go!

I think this ‘goal’ in this time period is more realistic than trying to keep a resolution to lose weight at the beginning of the year and not keep it.

Another small ‘goal’ I’ve set for myself is to become more involved in my son’s school activities.  I was already doing stuff with him but now that I’ve got the hang of what the in’s and out’s are, most of the rules, and what I can and cannot do, I can now dedicate every other Wednesday to his P.E. class in the afternoon and have lunch with him on one day on  opposite weeks of his P.E. class, such as a Tuesday or Thursday.  That will give me a more structured schedule I can keep while also meeting my other parent obligations at his school such as PTA meetings or class outings.

I think I started the year in a very special manner.  My children, husband and I took the babies to the park and we just had a fun day running, playing, and chasing one another.  We only did that because it was a particularly cold day so we couldn’t do much else.  The point is that I had so much fun just being with them and that is something I will also do a lot of this year, to just be a family.  One of the major reasons my husband and I decided to do that was in part due to the tragedy in Connecticut.  We want to hug our children a little tighter and love them so much more.

There are so many other things I want to achieve this year but I have to limit what is realistically possible.  This is a good start.  What will your 2013 look like?

Things I’m looking forward to in 2013:

Movie:  The Hobbit, The Desolation of Smaug

Recipe:  Beef Wellington – I vow to make this dish for my wedding anniversary!

Book:  How about writing my own?

Road Trip:  Disneyland!  For my children but for me too.  I’ve never been there!

Quilting:  Showcase my work in the Fall Art in the Park.  (scary!)

Wow!  What an exciting year!  I can’t wait!

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