Family Portrait

I LOVE family pictures.  I love creating videos too.  I love seeing how my children grow in those images and I love to go back and see them as babies again.  Nostalgia.  For me it’s a way to document their steps in life and ours too.

On this sixth day of Christmas I have decided to take a Christmas family portrait, our first.  Every year I mean well, really.  Every year I mark my calendar to take a family portrait with Santa, or under the tree, or something like that and for whatever reason, it never materializes.  This year I’ve decided to do something a little different.

I used to think that having a professional agency or photographer was the best way to capture the essence of our family, and it probably is.  However, I’ve discovered while taking pictures of my kids this year, that random, unexpected shots are probably better.  What better way to capture a great shot than a totally random one and not a staged one?

I already have a few shots of us in front of our fireplace and one in front of our tree.  I want to take one in the snow.  Once I have these done I will take it to a copy center and print out an 8 x 10 or bigger if there is that service available and frame it.  I think that by doing it myself, by creating that unplanned memory, it will mean something more sincere, something more special.  I think my children will look back on these memories and include them into their own holidays as well.  I hope!

from The Search for Santa Paws

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