Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Oh wow, it’s five days into the 25 days of Christmas and guess what?  NO SNOW!!  That doesn’t seem right!  We’ve rarely had any real cold weather this season and I must say I am disappointed, although, I should know better.  El Paso doesn’t really produce white Winters but we always hope.  It doesn’t look like this season is going to produce one though.  We’ve had Spring-like, 70 degree + weather and we’ve barely had a cold day here and there.  Bummer!

My children want to see snow.  They are old enough now to know that they want to play in the snow, make a snowman, go tubing, that kind of thing and they are asking to go.  I think this is one of those activities that a family can really make some good memories.  See my dilemma?  Well, we live very near a ski resort, small, but a ski lodge nonetheless; It is Ski Apache in New Mexico.  Southern New Mexico is very mountainous and very hilly.  It is also at a higher altitude so snow is abundant, even if it only snows a little.  On this 5th day of Christmas, this is where I am looking forward to taking them this season.  I hope it snows, and I hope it snows a lot!

By the way, did you know that the snowdrop is the Winter flower?  It’s beautiful!

The first signs of snow….

(Image courtesy of Everything Holiday)

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