Great Info From MPLS Modern Quilt Guild

For the fourth day of Christmas, I’d like to share.  I love sharing things I’ve found or that were forwarded to me, as in this post from a friend, and without meaning to, I do think that sharing is a great way to show the holiday spirit.  Maybe not this way exactly but I just happened to stumble on a great piece of basic information.

I know that those of us who have sewing machines know pretty much how to use them and more importantly, how to keep them clean.  It doesn’t hurt to brush up on your knowledge and take a fresh look though.  Here is a link to a great tutorial from MPLS Modern Quilt Guild that shows us how to keep our machines clean.  I love this post because they came with GREAT pictures too!

If you bought a machine in the last 10 or 20 years, it should have come with a manual and/or DVD showing how to clean your machine among other things.  I own a Singer and mine came with a DVD that shows how to keep the machine clean in a step-by-step video, which I love.

Thank you Modern Quilt for a great refresher post!

Check them out at

Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild

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