Letter to Santa

I love those little nuances that make the holiday season most memorable, such as a photo-op or putting cookies and a glass of milk out for Santa on Christmas Eve.  Those simple, little details are the ones children remember and the ones that are most likely taken into adulthood and passed on to future generations.

So on this second day of Christmas, I’d like to share my tradition of writing a letter to Santa.  I didn’t really write letters to Santa Claus when I was growing up and that is just because I was never really told about it.  When I started my family that practice became a tradition.  I wrote all of our letters up until this year.  My son is learning how to write and he is excited to write his own letter all by himself.  We also do actually mail them.  I wonder where they go?

What do I ask for?  Well, for me it depends on the year.  When my children were born all I wanted was for them to be healthy and happy.  The year I got married, all I wanted was for us to be a good marriage and for us to be happy and start a family.  I wish for those things because tangible items I can get (or not get) whenever I want so for me it didn’t make sense to ask for an item.  If anything I take it as a form of praying.  Now, however, I can’t wait to see what my child’s letter will look like.   And if you are wondering, yes, I will make a copy.  I want to preserve the memory and I also want him to have it when he is a grown man.   I can’t wait!

Dear Santa

My children!!! LOL!!! Isn’t this adorable?! (Image courtesy of Everything Holiday)

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