Hello December!

Here we are in the full swing of the holidays and throughout this month I will be sharing what I would like for my December, my 25 days of Christmas, my happy holidays.  I hope you enjoy them too!

On this first day of Christmas I want my children to enjoy ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas programming.  Every since I was a little girl, my brother, sisters, and I would look forward to watching classic holiday cartoons or stop motion animation programs about the holidays every year.  There are many of them that have endured time and remained true:  Santa Claus is Coming To Town, The Year Without a Santa Claus, The Little Drummer Boy, Frosty the Snowman to name a few.  I still enjoy watching these programs which take me back to my inner child’s belief that there is a Santa Claus and his reindeer do really fly.  (I really do!)  I want my children to grow up with these programs as well.  They already love watching them and we love this time together which brings us closer as a family.  It is a way that we can spend so much precious time together.

I really applaud ABC Family for keeping these programs on the air.  Sure they are available on DVD but it’s not the same as watching them as part of holiday programming on TV.  My favorite?  Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey.  What will you be watching?  xoxoxo!

                                   This is one of my favorite scenes from the program.

Here is a synopsis from Wikipedia:

The film is narrated by Santa Claus’s donkey, Spieltote, voiced by Roger Miller. He tells the tale of a donkey with abnormally long ears named Nestor, who lived in the days of the Roman Empire. Every animal in the stable disliked Nestor because of his ears. One day the animals in the stable are celebrating the winter solstice. Nestor’s mother gives socks to Nestor to cover his ears.

That night when Nestor is asleep, soldiers come from the Roman Empire. They pick a bunch of donkeys, including Nestor, but not his mother. Nestor tries to get away and one of the soldiers grabs the socks on Nestor’s ears. They come off. The soldiers thought the owner of the stable was trying to trick them. The owner, Olaf, says he will give them Nestor for free, but the soldiers are angry so they force him to give him all the donkeys for free and do not take Nestor. The soldiers leave. Olaf is angry at Nestor and he throws Nestor out the door, saying that he doesn’t care if Nestor freezes to death and tells him to never come back. Nestor’s mother escapes the stable and finds him. As a blizzard rages outside, and since there is no indoor shelter to be had, Nestor’s mother finds a small cove out of the wind and uses her body to shield the little donkey from the storm, giving up her own life in the process, passing away in her sleep due to hypothermia. He wakes up in the morning to find his mother pale, stiff and cold, covered in snow by the blizzard, wiggles out from underneath and mourns for her.

Later, Nestor meets a cherub called Tilly. She says they need to travel to Bethlehem, telling him “Your ears can do wondrous things no other ears can do. The sounds they hear will guide you on a path that’s straight and true, and then you will save another, as your mother once saved you.” They travel across the desert sands for many months, and when they finally get to the outskirts of Bethlehem, Tilly tells Nestor to wait. Even though he finds a rundown old stable, still nobody will buy him.

One day Mary and Joseph visit. Mary is expecting a child, and they do not have much money. They take Nestor because of his “gentle eyes”, but are caught in a sandstorm. In the midst of the storm, Nestor hears Tilly’s voice, but recognizes it as his mother’s, and she tells him to follow the voices of the angels. Nestor guides Mary and Joseph through the storm, wrapping Mary in his ears, soon arriving at Bethlehem. They find a proper stable, where Mary subsequently gives birth to Jesus after which Nestor finds his way back home, where he is considered a hero.

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