September & October….er books

Ok, I admit it:  I’m behind on my reading.  That’s not to say that I haven’t been reading at all.  I began reading a book for September but I have yet to finish it.  I think it will be a book review for November.  Instead, I have been catching up on my magazines and reading children’s books to my children and that is what has kept me busy (reading) for the past two months.

I subscribe to two magazines:  Ladies Home Journal and Better Homes and Gardens.  I have a free subscription to Latina magazine but that expires this month.  If you are wondering if there is any actual reading material in those magazines, well, yes, there is.  I like the articles and even though I will not be subscribing to Latina magazine, I really appreciated the opportunity to read their articles in both English and Spanish.  I read well in both languages but it’s a great way to brush up on some of the reading in Spanish.  I really enjoyed it.  One of the things I really like to do with magazines is read them cover to cover, even the fine print.  I drive my husband crazy with that but you find some of the most interesting things when you read a magazine thoroughly.  Mine are earmarked, circled, pages torn out or folded over, traced over, color coded and so on!  I find great bargains, sweepstakes, contests, app codes, freebies, and great articles.

I would highly recommend a stray from books and enjoy a good magazine.  That wasn’t my original plan (read a book a month) but quite by accident I found that magazines can be just as enjoyable as books.  They are so visual and I can turn pages a lot faster, I think giving the term “page turner” a real run for its money.  So grab any magazine you want and just relax.  I think I’ll pick up Entertainment magazine….it’s in the now!

By the way, each website is awesome too, so you might want to enjoy them on your iPad or SmartPhone.  I rather enjoy an actual magazine.  I still like having an actual book in my hand!

                                                 Current issue of Latina magazine


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