Long – November – Short

Halloween is finally over!  Yay!  or nay?  Some people say that Labor Day is the unofficial or sneak peek into the holiday season and that’s kind of true.  Right after Labor Day school begins attached with all kinds of school activities, then comes Halloween with Thanksgiving a short time later, and right on its heels is Christmas and New Year’s Day.  Is it me or is does the holiday season seem short?  I think it’s just that there is so much to do and so much going on that makes the season fly by and before we know it, there it is, Winter is over and here comes Spring.

What are we supposed to do to make it longer?  Of course, there is all the hustle and bustle of baking, shopping for gifts, decorating for the season, and family and friends coming over for the usual holiday party or get-together.  Here, however, are some different ideas that I think will make this season much more special:

Enjoy the outdoors with your children.  I think this is one of the best times of year to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors with the changing of the season and all the creative decor that goes on outside.  Decorate the outside of your house, or clean it!  LOL!!  I say that because of me!  I have some much-needed tidying up to do before I decorate the exterior!  If you live in an area that has annual snow, go snowboarding, skiing, or tubing.  That’s always fun.  Unfortunately for me, it doesn’t snow where I live often and when it does, it averages perhaps a few inches every year.  So we go to nearby Ruidoso or Cloudcroft where we can at least build a snowman, get firewood for our fireplace (believe it or not, a great family activity), or learn to skate in a few of their frozen ponds.  There is also the annual lighting of the Christmas tree downtown or the pumpkin patch maze and pumpkin harvest we can go to.  The bottom line is, enjoy the outdoors!

Enjoy the indoors with your children.  When it’s just you, your husband/wife, and children, there is nothing more special than gathering together to just be together.  There isn’t anything much to do?  Read them a good book.  Cuddle together and watch a good movie while you make popcorn in the fireplace.  Play whatever game they want to (my babies are 5 and 3) and believe me they will feel special.  Bake cookies for the kindergarten class together.  Make a huge cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows on top to chase away the cold.  I know this sounds lame but enjoying this precious time together and being together in your home are things your little ones will always remember.  Later in life they will say, “Mama and Daddy used to do (this or that) with us and we enjoyed being together.”

Enjoy some ‘me’ time.  Most women forget to take care of or think of themselves during this time of year and like I said about a year ago when I first began this blog, carve out some time for yourself (and your husband) and take some time for you.  I know it’s hard, it is still hard for me, but now my children sleep early because my son now goes to school and he has a nightly routine that includes a standard 8 pm bedtime and yes, he and his sister go straight to sleep!  Read a good book.  Watch a movie with your husband.  Drink some coffee by the fireplace.  Do some quilting, stitching, or knitting.  Whatever you want to do to help you relax, even if it is nothing at all.

Make a decorative craft or quilt.  Sometime when your children are in school or when they are asleep, it is an easy time to be creative by making something simple, such as a cozy, an easy throw quilt, or perhaps a carpet pillow to enjoy a good movie.  I think it should be an easy time because there is already enough craziness without adding to your stress level.

These are non-traditional, sideline activities that can help you relax, feel really happy, and get into the holiday spirit.  It’s too bad that the holidays are a stressful time for a lot of us but if one consciously takes the time to stop and go outside and breathe in the wonderful, holiday air, you will be surprised that you can almost smell the holidays all around you.  What a wonderful way to make memories!  I say, this is a way to make the season long!

Hello November

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