Decorative Light Switch- Super Easy!

This is the time of year where you don’t really have much time for the creative process but I wanted to share my own spin on this picture that a friend forwarded to me.  I thought it was a creative idea (why didn’t I think of it!), fun, colorful, and super easy!

I didn’t find any specific instructions on how to make this piece but I tried a very simple method anyone can do.

All you need is:

Your choice of decorative, festive, or holiday (hint, hint!) fabric.  Start with your scraps.  They will do just fine!

A glue gun.

An artist knife.

The switch plate on your wall.

And a screwdriver.

Unscrew your switch plate from your wall.  Place your piece of fabric around the switch plate and fold back.  Hold taut and glue the folds of fabric firmly in place.  Let dry.  With your artist knife carefully trace the screw holes and switch square out (to put the screws back in and fit the switch through).  Screw your switch plate back onto your wall and VIOLA!  There, you have a beautiful, super easy, piece of decor for the holidays….or whenever you feel like dressing up your wall!

You can dress up your switch anyway you like, add embellishments, bows, etc.  Have fun!

Light Switch Decor

I wish I knew who made this so that I can tell them what a beautiful present this is!

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