Fall Decorating On A Dime, Literally!

Everyone looooooves to decorate their homes for the holiday season, or even just decorate for every season period.  Sometimes this is difficult if you are not very artistic, like me, or if you don’t have very much to spend or are on a budget…like me!  So what are we to do?  Check this out:

Look around your house.  It is amazing the things you can find in your house that you can use for holiday decorating.  I put this display together purely from things I have around my house.  For example, I had these candle holders sitting in my living room shelf but I never lit them because the height within the confines of the shelf are too small so lighting the votives would start a fire.  I was actually waiting to get some flameless candles to replace these on the shelf.  I decided to use them here because they are in an open space and they are orange and black.  When I light them they give off this awesome orange glow and make it look cozy.  Cool, huh?

Arranging your table

This vase is a vase that I had from my working days in a real estate company.  It was given to me for my birthday or something like that, I don’t quite remember (oops!), but I kept the vase because it’s so simple.  There are no frills or any script on them.  So what I did was fill the vase with pine cones that I also had from holidays past that I use to decorate my mantle for Christmas.  I realized that I had enough for both holidays and in that bunch there were some orange cones here and there (can you see them in the vase?) so I thought it would go well with the blooms.  They also serve to hold the blooms in place.

Pine cone filled vase

I love Fall.  I absolutely LOVE everything about it:  the colors, the change in weather, the promise of the holiday season.   So even though I sound like a broken record, I’ve had these blooms in my house for a long time.  I treat them like regular, real plants and dust them off with the rest of my house because these stay in my decor year-round.  Yes, they do!  Needless to say, they make a great decorating piece for Fall!

Beautiful Autumn blooms

I think the that every time you see a DIY, or HGTV, or even magazine decor ideas, there is always a basket.  Baskets are so simple to use into your every day decor but they are also useful as storage alternatives.  This basket for example, was also on my shelf in my living room to store odds and ends such as small toys (my kids like to use the living room as a play room!), extra votives, small tools and things like that.  It’s useful and it looks better than having all that clutter around.  AND you’ll never guess what is holding these blooms in place.  Pennies!  I don’t like carrying pennies around and when I get a chance I will roll them up and take them to the bank.  I like that I have them in one place, out of the way, and hidden!

A basket full of Fall!

All of these items I got from my house, things I had already.  If you don’t have much or anything that you can use, shop around.  Sometimes your dollar store has all you need if you are on a small budget.  I know that big stores or hobby stores have wonderful items but I would suggest that you purchase those items a little at a time, over time.  I don’t have anything for Halloween mainly because a lot of the stuff I want is so expensive and every time I go into the store I want to buy everything!  The second reason is my children are still so small and they get scared with all that realistic scary stuff so I’m putting it off for a few more years, which is OK with me!  Whew!  Later, watch out!

Another suggestion would be to make your own Fall decor.  Soon I will post decor items that I have made that you can just put on a table, chair or mantle and see how something simple that you make can help the holiday come alive!  Stay tuned!

Do you have an idea in mind?  Let’s share!

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