Keeping Up With The Moms

Every part of a woman’s life is like a mini world.  Some parts are inter-connected, and some are not.  When she enters a new part of her life, it becomes a brand new world with brand new experiences.  Case in point:

Entering kindergarten is not only for a 5-year old – it’s also for the mom.  I had a routine revolved around the kids and my house such as chores or activities like diaper changing and I was used to it until THE CHANGE!  (Just kidding, it’s not that bad!).  Now it is getting up early, make sure the kids eat breakfast, and holding their hands and handing them over for their school day.  Their world changes as they enter a new phase in their lives with new friends, clothes, toys, and learning.  My world faced the same new phase but in a different way.  The other MOMS!

Ok, it wasn’t as scary as it seems but I must admit that I had been thinking a lot about how it would be the month leading up to the big day.  I knew that I would face other moms, teachers, and the school staff on a daily basis and that change is big for anyone.

I am both shy and friendly.  I don’t do well in public speaking forums, but I like to have a lot of friends or people to talk to.  I tend to sit in the middle or towards the back of the room, but I like to get all the information that is presented too.  I am not the type of person that is jumping up and down trying to be the first to volunteer for anything, rather, I wait until I know what it is about and then am encouraged if there is someone I know.  I guess I’m a little bit of an introvert but I am also the first to introduce myself because that is one of the best ways to get to know someone and that is one of the few things I do well in a new setting.

I live in a part of town that is considered the “rich, well-to-do, or fu fu” part since most of the nicer, bigger homes are on that side.  I am very modest and do not live up on the hill but I knew that I would be interacting with moms who consider themselves of a higher status.  In that side of town, status is everything and the moms let you know it.  Every city, town, or village has this.  I remember on my first day of school, for example, the SIZING UP.  Wow, I’ve never felt so analyzed, weighed, and inspected so closely before.  I guess it’s natural in a sense, but not like that!  Over a few weeks since the school year began I even had a mom whom I become friendly with comment on how the other moms dress.  Yes, she did have a point on some of them.  Some moms tend to come as they get up:  sweats, t-shirt, and in some cases, jammies.  However, I don’t know what their story is.  I don’t know if that is what they have as “their best” or if that is all they have.  Or then again, maybe they are just plain lazy and just don’t care but I don’t feel very comfortable with that sort of conversation simply because I have not walked in their shoes and don’t know them.  The comment came from a mom who takes a lot of time on her hair, clothes, and toenails.  Don’t judge right?  Yeah, I get a lot of that around me in this school and that’s sad.

But the idea is not to fall into that same category.  I found that there are a lot of parallels to what kids are being taught, such as BE YOURSELF!  Do not covet.  Smile.  Be friends with everyone.  Help one another.  Be nice, courteous, and say good morning.  I’ve always taught my children these things telling them to be the example, lead, and most of all never, ever judge.

Yeah, that should be allowed sometimes…maybe it is! (image courtesy of Maxine on Facebook)

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