Time Reorganization

I’ve written about this before regarding time management or organization and quite frankly, I’ve found it to be somewhat of a challenge.

Let’s see….speaking stickly from my own experience I have found a few snags to my own time management regimen.  I thought that I had it down but the truth is things change and with it went my neatly organized day.  For example, my day would include at least three self-interest activities such as writing, quilting, and math along with the usual day’s chores like laundry, vacuuming, and cleaning.  Now, if I’m lucky, I can only get in one activity about once every one or two weeks and in grand part that is due to my son starting kindergarten.  I’ve had to rearrange my activities as such.

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.  I love all the colors, the delicious food, the exciting and beautiful decorating, and how this is the time of year where I believe we tend to spend the most time with family seeing that it turns colder so we snuggle closer to home.  Doesn’t it seem though, that after the first day of Fall arrives all of a sudden it is New Year’s Day?  Is it just me or does the Fall/Winter season seem  the shortest?

So you see what I’m getting at.  Time organization changes with the holidays and other changes in your life, some good and some not so much.  Now that my son is going to school here are a few things I’ve done:

Do the laundry once a week.  What??  I was doing laundry every day it seemed and I was always trying to put it all away as soon as I was able.  I always seemed to have a basket full of clothes that needed to be washed, ironed, or put away.  The whites were the hardest – all those little socks!  Ever since school started, however, the chaotic way I had my laundry days changed on its own.  I’ve found that each member of the family wears a certain amount of clothes for the week and I was able to do most of the wash in one day and put it away too…well most of it anyway.  This small change is still a huge gain for me.  Depending on how much laundry I have I can do it all in about one or two days.  The basket of white socks still lingers though.  Oh well.

My self-interest activities are once a day.  Ok, I love doing small things, learn little things here and there, and be creative.  I love to read, write, quilt, learn a new language, do math (to hinder my dependence on a calculator and rely more on my brain power!), scrapbook, etc. and I had all of this written in a calendar.  I would do whatever inspired me on that list and I would do it on some down time such as when we were watching a movie at home, or when the babies were taking their naps.  Now that has changed.  I still have my calendar but now I have one activity written in for each day and I do it at night when the babies are sleeping.  They sleep early because it’s a “school night” so I have at least an hour or two to myself.  Yea!

Chores.  Yuck!  Who likes doing housework?  I don’t but it must be done.  The good thing about this one is that I have a lot more time in the morning to do this like clean up in the kitchen, run the vacuum, and mop.  The house stays cleaner longer when the kid’s messes are elsewhere.  I love that part!

Miscellaneous.  Now, like I said, I think I just got used to my children being with me 24/7 that my routine included their daily care along with everything else.  Now school takes care of part of that for a big chunk of the day.  But this is good because I will be able to be ready for the holidays.  For example, decorating the Christmas tree in the past was somewhat of a chore. I must admit that even though I love the season I never felt that I truly enjoyed the task or did a very good job.  This year my brain is bursting with ideas for some great decor and this year my family will be coming home to the surprise of a beautiful home.  I sincerely can’t wait!  Also, an additional bonus is that I will have time to bake!  I usually purchase a pastry or some delicious dessert because I simply didn’t have time.  Now I will.  I’ve already collected an assorted pile of recipes and I am looking forward to it!

Time.  I think it’s more of reorganization than management.  I love it!

An Autumn Perenial…Beautiful and so inspiring.


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