Well, actually for my family it will be the first time.  My baby will be starting KINDERGARTEN!!

Wow, how time flies, huh?  Without a doubt this is quite an experience and I find that I am enjoying every step of it so far.  Here are a couple of tips on how I’ve stayed sane (so far!):

I Got Myself a Calendar.  It was important for me to be really organized without carrying a whole bunch of junk around.  All moms know that there are a lot of appointments, trips, class projects, etc. and even though I like to think that I am a whiz at remembering things well, the fact is that I can’t remember every little detail unless I write it down.  Especially when I have to reschedule or change a date.  For example, my baby’s new school encourages that all doctor’s appointments be made as late in the day as possible or on the weekends so that it won’t affect attendance.  My habit was to schedule my children’s appointments as early as possible (I like the 7:30 am ones when no one in their right mind is there but me!) but now that I know this, I’ve had to reschedule some set future appointments to the afternoon.  I’ve also had to reschedule my other baby’s appointments because I still have to take my child to school so I won’t be able to take her until later.  Well, the point is that a calendar keeps everything organized.  I am a big girly, girly so I wanted something that I could look at every day that was also stylish and pretty.  Does this matter?  You bet it does!  It’s like bling almost.  People will ask you where you got it.  Here is a picture of mine:

Vera Bradley 2012 Student Agenda Paisley Meets Plaid

Isn’t this pretty?

It also has a class schedule section that I can put all of his classes and keep track of his grades.  I thought that was sooooo cute!

Vera Bradley 2013 Student Agenda Class Schedule section

Here is a shot of the class schedule section (I’ll take a better picture soon!  Sorry!)

Sales, Sales, Sales!  This is important whether you are headed back to school or not.  One of the biggest promotions here in Texas and in New Mexico (our stone’s throw away neighboring state) on back to school incentives is a the tax-free weekend in both states, which are usually two weeks apart, Friday through Sunday.  In El Paso, our tax-free weekend begins August 17 and in a nutshell, the state gives shoppers a break from state and local sales tax on a large variety of items.  This article will give you the specifics which I’m all for!  Not paying tax on items does add up.  Just look at the receipt.  It’s just like free shipping, which a lot of stores are also offering if you shop online.  Shipping is a biggie.  Of course there are other sales pitches for school just like for the holidays.  Kohl’s, for example, gives you $10 cash for every $50 you spend.  It comes in handy.

There are so many important and interesting tips to add, which I will on Part 2 for next time!  These two are BIG ones!  I’m excited!


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