Some of My Favorite (& Useful!) Sites

Here are a few sites that I’d like to share.  They are a few of my favorites that are my go-to for inspiration, perusing, and helpful tips, and information.    I also love all that color!  What others ones can you add?

Nikki In Stitches,  She is a great crafter who will soon appear on the show Craft Wars on TLC, but her website is a great source for tips and tutorials.

Quilting for Beginners,  Eileen Thomas’s website is a wealth of information!  I have learned so much just from this site!

Shabby Fabrics,  I LOVE this name!  Wish I had thought of it!  Aside from beautiful fabrics and quilts, their array of BOM’s are FANTASTIC!

McCall’s Quilting,  McCall’s is a household name and oh wow, their site is such a great resource!

All People Quilt,  Another great source for quilting.  Their site is CHOCK FULL of information, tips, tutorials, ideas, and yes, shopping!

Check out these sites and maybe I can get some sites back too.  I’m sure there are other’s out there that I haven’t come across yet!

Applique McCall's Quilting

Here is a beautiful sample quilt from the McCall’s Quilting site. Neat, huh?

One Response to Some of My Favorite (& Useful!) Sites

  1. Ratha says:

    I think it looks great 🙂 Take the plunge and add a zip it is so easy and opens you up to lots of wofdernul stuff. When I make cushions I don’t leave any seam allowence so if I have a 20×20 inch cushion that is the size of fabric I cut maybe with a little extra on the height to allow for the zip but no more than an inch extra and it mostly seems to work with avoiding cushions that don’t look full enough.I love your choice of fabric 🙂

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