Scribble & Write!

Here is a learning toy I would like to share.  I don’t really like to promote products but I have found that this is one of the best out there for learning initiatives and it has helped my son.  If you are having trouble engaging your child in learning, this might help.

My son is not really into reading.  He’s not into numbers, colors, letters, or drawing.  He’s a boy through and through.  He likes monster trucks, cars, and blocks to build things.  I don’t know if it is a boy issue or if it is because he is only 5 that he hasn’t taken on the love of reading.  He likes to listen to stories when I read to him…for about 2 minutes before boredom sets in.   He likes to watch Mickey Mouse go on his counting and color adventures.  At least he will last the entire hour.  I applaud that show because it is so interactive and because it is so colorful, which I think is what grabs and holds his attention.  But alas, I have tried numerous ways and have tried countless ideas to get him interested in reading or writing or counting.  I worry that he won’t do well in school, however, I put my mind at ease on that front by knowing that he is still very young and hasn’t captured the will to learn because he is not yet in school.  OH, I’ve failed!

I still want him to be at least interested in learning and I think I have found a way:  As a last resort, I gave him a LeapFrog Scribble and Write interactive computer and he actually likes it!  I am not just saying this.  He spends quite awhile with it a day and in one month’s time, has mastered how to write his i’s and capital A’s.  Hey, that’s something!  He can copy everything and follow along very well, but I was proud when he began writing on his own.  Because my daughter screamed for her own computer, I got her a LeapFrog Count and Draw, which deals with numbers, and to my surprise, he prefers the numbers to the letters.  Hmmmm….mathematician in the making?

Whatever the reason, I finally got him a toy that helps him want to learn.  I was having trouble engaging him and further, I was worried that he wouldn’t even start.  Check it out:

I read a few reviews that state that sometimes the computer will congratulate the child when they have not written anything or even when they didn’t write a letter or number correctly.  It doesn’t.  It just encourages and is positive but it doesn’t actually say that they wrote the letter or number correctly.  “Great Job!” or “Nice Work!”  Very ambiguous.  I think this is the opportunity the parent has to encourage the child to try again.  Or you can interpret it however you wish.

Still, it’s a helping and learning tool that works.

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