Let’s Write!

I’m back!

The saying goes:  “You never know what you have until you don’t have it anymore or it doesn’t work anymore”.

That’s so true.  I was so used to being on my computer on a regular basis, especially in the evening when I could have  a little time to myself, when all of a sudden I began having problems with my internet connection and my anti-virus protection.  I have been working out the problems for the last two weeks and it’s a daunting task!  I like to think that I know enough about my own computer problems to fix them myself, but I found out that sometimes I need a little help from elsewhere.  I also found out that if you love being connected like me, it is easy to panic and pay whatever it costs to get the problems fixed.  It’s tempting to pay someone to fix it right away and I was so very tempted.  I didn’t, thank goodness, and I saved myself a ton of money!  Needless to say, I’m back online.

And what does a person do with all this “free” time?  LOL!  Well, I began to write in my journal again, furiously, and I wrote a lot of entries that I had been reserving in my mind.  It was refreshing to go back to something I loved to do:  Write.

I discovered again this mostly forgotten past time, what with Facebook, blogs, and Twitter now available and a much easier platform to access.  Still, writing is as good as reading a real book, that is, not an e-reader or audiobook.  It is a good way to put your thoughts together in private or put down ideas down on paper to explore or see as a whole picture.  Either way, it’s a relaxing way to be yourself.

But I’m still glad to be back!

Let's Write

Oh, yes, a journal, notebook, pen, and of course, a good cup of tea!

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