The Martha Rules

As I start out on my business venture built on my interest in quilting, I knew that I would have to start at the bottom.  This much I know and it goes without saying that this goes for everything in life, no matter what it is.  You have to start at the bottom, from scratch.  Of course, you have your craft or idea first.  In my case, it is the quilted pillows, all kinds.  It is something that I like doing, exploring new ideas, creating a beautiful piece.

And then what?  One of the greatest pieces of advice that I read/received (indirectly) on one of the first steps to take is to read the book The Martha Rules by Martha Stewart.  I already knew that it was an informative book but I wasn’t looking forward to the daunting task of reading a “business” book.  I was wrong, however, because Martha has written a book that is not only full of valuable information, but interesting to read as well.  Never judge a book by its cover!  It gets right to the point on steps you must take to be successful.  It also explains each rule and gives examples, thoroughly legitimizing her knowledge as being one of the most successful businesswomen today.

It is not a long book and even if it was, it is not boring.  My book is full of highlighted areas that I find extremely important to my craft and it is on my desk as an important part of my essential tools and reference.

If you are taking your first step, try this as among your first.  Read “The Martha Rules”.  You won’t be sorry!

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