I Got A Kindle!

I got a Kindle from my husband for Christmas last year and I’ve had it for a whole month now.  I must say that I am very pleased with it!

I had been looking to buy an e-reader for some time and it was on my wish list of things I want for myself.  I know that the only reason my husband even knew that I perhaps wanted one was because I always have my nose in a book every chance I get or some kind of reading material with me in my bag.  I’m sorry ladies, but most men do not really know what their wives would like to receive as gifts or what they like and in some instances, even forget to get a gift for a special occasion.  I know, I know, not all men are like that and I applaud and congratulate the man who is in touch with his feminine side!

But I got lucky last year!  I got the very basic e-reader that Amazon produces and I’m very happy with it.  It is called the Kindle Keyboard and it has an e-ink reading capacity (black ink on a non-lighted background, it needs a case for it to work) and enough memory to store at least 3,000+ books and a little more.  You can read out in the sun too and that’s a great feature.  For the way I read, it is perfect.

Here is a comprehensive review of my Kindle:


It is extremely tempting to buy up to a touch key or to something like an iPad but if you just want it for reading, then this is it!

This is my Kindle Keyboard and I love it!

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  1. Cristina says:

    I never wanted an e-reader because I enjoyed the tactile experience of having a book in my hand felt I’d be giving that up if I switched to this format. I have since changed my mind but for purely practical reasons. When I moved overseas a box containing my very favorite books was lost and I was devestated to say the least! Although I can buy all these books again (ugh) that still didn’t change the fact that this could happen once more and I didn’t want to risk my books yet again so, I started looking to purchase an e-reader. My first choice was a Kindle and that is what I was going to buy until I discovered that you don’t actually need the Kindle to read your purchased content. I really want an iPad and was cringing at the thought of paying for those two devices so I was holding off until I found out the iPad has a Kindle app! Much to my delight I also discovered that my Samsung Galaxy S II has the Kindle app available. I use my phone to read more than I do to call! That is my goal, to buy the iPad because I’ll have an e-reader along with my iTunes content all in one place. How cool is that?

  2. Ahmad says:

    I preordered my Kindle in mid August and it airrved a couple of days ago (mid September). Eagerly I opened up the Amazon Easy open box (which, as the name suggests, was remarkably easy to open!) and inside was my new Kindle, charger/synch cable and limited instructions (there are more complete instructions on the device). I had spent a lot of time researching ereaders prior to my purchase but to be honest I was still not prepared for how great the Kindle would look in the flesh. Smaller and lighter than I imagined it just felt right. Also some reviewers had talked about thinking of trying to peel off the actual image on the screen, well I can confirm that even knowing that the thought crossed my mind – The e-ink looks absolutely great. After plugging it in (not for long) I then switched it on and after setting up the account/wifi etc (I have the 3g and WiFi version but figured I was better using WiFi to start with) I had a look. What a great experience this was, the device is very intuitive and not once did I have to refer to the instruction manual. Some books I had ordered had already appeared and I had a look and first impressions were spot on, easy to move the pages and easy to hold and read. Since then I have got to know this device and I would like to take you through my early experiences. Firstly prior to ordering it I could not believe the price and how competitive the Kindle 3 is. I had been looking at the Kindle 2 International and Kindle DX and both were well over the price of the Kindle 3. Likewise compare the Kindle 3 with the Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony PRS series and the like and it is very competitive. So the price was convincing. Then the user experience just got better: The Kindle Store – very easy to use. Very simple to access from the device and you just browse and, if you want to buy and you have set your Amazon account to 1 click ordering then you just select your book and it is straight on your device to read. The charger/sync cable – Looks really nice and the plug detaches from the USB adapter so that you can plug it straight into your Laptop etc. The upside of this is that it will also charge from any USB enabled adapter or plug, so charging from your car etc will be very easy. Please note one thing that causes confusion. A lot of people refer to the end of the cable that plugs into the Kindle as a standard USB Mini B connection. Please note it is NOT it is a proprietary connection. I had been looking forward to charging with a regular USB to Mini B cable so please don’t make the same mistake I did. However it is not a big deal and Amazon are already selling replacement cables on their site. Screensavers – When the Kindle goes to sleep Artwork and famous historical figures appear on the Kindle. Some people I noticed were moaning about this. Why? They look FANTASTIC, and I love looking to see which one has appeared! Ergonomics – I find the Kindle excellent to hold. I read a lot in bed and it is really easy for me to grip the Kindle with my thumb hovering over the page turn button so I do not have to move to turn the pages – Way easier than a book and it just works in a seamless, easy and immersive way. To be honest that has been my experience of the Kindle – I don’t notice it is there is the same way I do not notice the physical element of a paper book when I am reading it. Whispernet – Utterly brilliant – If you have purchased the book from Amazon then the page you have ended on synchs across all your devices (Please note you need to go to the Manage my Kindle section of your Amazon account and enable this feature). I have an iPhone, iPad and Laptop enabled with Kindle reading software and it is a brilliant feature. For example I was in the airport and did not want to use my Kindle while I was going to my gate so read some of the book on my iPhone and then on the plane just carried on from the same place with my Kindle (make sure that you turn it on prior to the plane taking off so that it can access Whispernet otherwise it cannot synch the last read page). However note this does not work if you have not purchased the content from the Amazon store. Newspapers – I have tried a trial Newspaper subscription and it is ok – To be honest navigation is more intuitive on an iPhone/iPad but it is a useful feature – I am not sure if I will continue with a paid subscription though. One thing here that took me a while to figure out that makes moving through the articles easier is that you can instantly move from article using the 5 way control pad (right click to go forward) rather than using the page turn button and having to go through all the article pages before you get to the next one. Text to Speech -Tried it and it is pretty cool and also a bit weird! I don’t listen to many audio books anyway so I don’t think I will be using this feature much. Again nice to have…

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