January Book: Seeds of Yesterday

I’m beginning this year with a fresh set of books.  I just finished my January book Seeds of Yesterday by V.C. Andrews.

I haven’t read a book since October but I have been reading other things such as my Ladies Home Journal magazine, a few short, holiday stories for my children, and the local newspaper every weekend.  I kind of knew that I wouldn’t have the time during the holidays but I did want to at least be reading something.

This is an old title.  This book belongs to a series of five books, this one being the fourth or fifth one depending on if you read the prequel first or last.  I read the prequel first.  The story follows four children from their disturbing and frightening childhood into their climactic final years.  The story is primarily set in and around a wealthy mansion tucked into the exquisiteness of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I love all the characters, both major and minor.  Each has a vivid, rich, interesting, and enviable life, even with their problems, which are many.  The author did a great job of creating a world of old wealth and its ramifications.  This “fifth” book is a culmination of the main two characters lives, Cathy and Chris, husband and wife, who are also brother and sister.  If that doesn’t tell you anything…wow!  That certainly got my attention!  I think the author did an excellent job of bringing even a minor detail into the forefront so you can imagine yourself participating in the story without even realizing it.  You can just see yourself sitting at Cathy and Chris’s breakfast table on the balcony overlooking the lush gardens surrounded by the mountains or you can almost be walking the long, opulent hallways of Foxworth Hall on your way to your suite of rooms or attending Bart’s extravagant 25th birthday party wearing an expensive gown and witness the tragedy that befalls Jory.  All these things are so vivid and so much more.  You cry, you laugh, you hate, you betray, you scheme, you spy, you tear up along with Chris and Cathy as they watch their ‘garden in the sky’ coming closer to them with each event.

I recommend this book, and the series, to anyone who wants that can’t-put-down read with amazing characters, incredible setting, believable and incredible plot, and heartbreaking end.   A+!

Flowers in the Attic

Petals on the Wind

If There Be Thorns

Seeds of Yesterday

Garden of Shadows (prequel)

Seeds of Yesterday by V.C. Andrews

A Timeless Series

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