People, Pets, Plants, Pipes

Whew!  What a week!  Busy, busy, busy!  Have you had any of those days lately?  It’s not Christmas, it’s not New Year’s and it’s not Valentine’s yet.  What gives?


Well, I really wanted to advise my friends and family and the entire world that it is still Winter!  El Paso has been having awesome 65 to 70 degree weather which is nice!  I LOVE and thoroughly enjoy the warm sun on my skin and yet still be able to wear that Winter attire.

But here’s a concern:  It is still Winter and we need to remember the 4 P’s; People, Pets, Plants, and Pipes.  Last year El Paso experienced a deep freeze in February and quite frankly, everyone was caught off guard.  We experienced extreme cold, COLD, downright FREEZING snow and ice!  Brrrrr!  Since we usually have nice weather, even in Winter, it is hard to imagine that we could experience anything like the real Winter weather on the east coast.  Pipes burst, trees froze over (and later didn’t recover), and traffic was horrific among other things.

So, as our local ABC news station KVIA’s “Doppler” Dave Speelman reminds us during severe Winter weather alerts, here is what we should take care of:

1.  People!  It is extremely important to check on your neighbors, your family, and especially the elderly.  If a severe weather alert is put in place it is nice to check on them ahead of time to make sure that they have everything they need, if only the basics, like water and wood or extra blankets in case they cannot travel or won’t be able to go out because of the weather.  Running errands is a great help as well.

2.  Pets!  Even though most animals are ok outside even if it is cold, it is better to bring them inside in severe cold weather.  I know this may sound like duh!, but it is amazing how many people don’t even bother or don’t care.  Put them in the garage, in the kitchen or in a hallway if you mind them being in the house.  Believe me, they will be grateful to be inside!  A nice, big warm dog pad or cushion does the trick!

3.  Plants!  Oh, my pretty plants!  This one is easy.  Just bring them inside and the bigger ones can be wrapped with newspaper or an old blanket.  It’s the root or body part that is the most concern because leaves are always falling out and growing so they will be ok if they are snug.

4. And finally Pipes!  Ok, I honestly don’t know anything about pipes and how to treat them but I do know that they will burst in extreme cold weather.  These need to be taped up and covered because they will crack and cause costly damage.  El Paso homeowners are responsible for their own water valves, even if they are located outside the property boundaries.  Still, it is better to take care of this BEFORE the cold hits.  Last year, so many pipes burst because it was taken for granted that it wouldn’t be that cold.  Oh, oh.  My husband was called by many friends and clients whose pipes had burst.

These are just tips to keep in mind in case you are in a situation that you can prevent or help with.  I have an elderly father whom I checked up on quite a few times, short of tucking him into bed!  LOL!  I think he would have liked that!

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……Winter is still on!


El Paso Weather via KVIA

See how nice we have it? This is today, January 19, 2012

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