PBS Rocks!

I am officially hooked!

I have always known about and, when I have time, watched the PBS channel, especially during the holidays because I like to watch Andrea Bocelli’s live holiday concerts and the story of Christmas hope featuring the music of the Transiberian Orchestra.  Their programming is top-notch because their programming is interesting, has depth, and is capturing.

As I said, I found out how little time I have for enjoyable television programming when I discovered the series Downton Abbey a couple of weeks ago.  I had heard the buzz on the web and some word of mouth about this program.  What caught my interest is that I really like period drama and historical fiction and this show is rich with historical detail, social, antique customs, and modern behavior.  I just say that because gossip, romance, intrigue, antagonism transcends any age.  I was disappointed to see that I had missed all but the last episode of season one but was happy when I found that the episodes were available to watch online for a limited time.  Hurray!  Season two is under way and I have one more episode of season one to finish watching before it expires online.  This is the reason that it is so hard for me to watch anything on television.  It is so engrossing and it is just not possible in my household to watch it without interruption.  I am watching it online at night.

I like to say that I like to watch Downtown Abbey because it is better than watching a reality show, which has no substance.  These are real story lines about these created characters living in between the old aristocratic world of the Edwardian era and on the cusp of an ever-changing world of the 1920’s.  That transition becomes evident with the change of dress, customs, war, and the role of women in the new age.  It’s that step over into the changing world that is so intriguing.  Here you have these aristocratic sisters who’s only option at any kind of life is to learn languages, embroider, host parties and hope to marry a rich man.  Now they are glimpsing options to become self-sufficient by opportunities to go to work, vote, and write novels.

I hope all ladies especially can find this a ‘new’ guilty pleasure to add to all those other ones we already have.  It sure has become mine!  Oh, and I can’t help but mention that Dame Maggie Smith is exceptional!

visit:  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/index.html

Masterpiece Downton Abbey

What a GREAT new program!

2 Responses to PBS Rocks!

  1. Sahnaz says:

    It’s a great show. I do have a slightly drfeeifnt perspective, thinking about the economy of it all, and how people’s lives were molded into the mansion system.That being said, I can think of worse obsessions, ones without the good storylines, decent acting, AND THE GARDENING! OH THE GARDENING!

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