Update: January “Is It That Obvious?”

I just realized that this is a bigger (and perhaps the biggest), personal issue a woman faces for the major part of her life.

Just before Thanksgiving I began to lose a little bit more weight in spite of the blatant temptations of all the delicious food around me leading up to the holidays.  I wasn’t concerned about eating the food.  I was more concerned about eating too much.  Well, I’m proud to report that I did just fine!  As I said in my previous post on this I stayed at 204 lbs.  but I didn’t gain any more than that.

I wanted to continue on with losing more weight by doing those little things in my first post back in November, like the walking, small portions, and the Ali Vincent tips, however, I will fess up and say that when Thanksgiving came around, and then Christmas and the New Year, well, I didn’t do anything.  Not a thing.  Too many activities during the holidays just make you want to not even think about how tedious this process is.  Oh, well.  The only thing that I can say is that I at least didn’t gain any more than where I stopped at.  That’s something.

I’ve made another discovery about myself in this journey.  It’s not anything new, I’m sure, but it is somewhat for me.  I get real hungry at night.  Even when I do ok during the day, I still get incredibly hungry around midnight.  I know I shouldn’t stay up that late but the truth is that sometimes that can’t be helped.  I try not to think about it, I try to drink water to curb that growl deep in my tummy, I try to go right to sleep to forget that I am hungry but it just doesn’t go away.  I started eating tiny snacks that won’t kill what I’ve done to lose weight.  I know that going to bed on a full stomach is a no-no but hey, I decided that I wasn’t going to suffer.  I decided to eat the Special K Fruit Crisps.  They are very thin and there are two to a serving.  I’ve been satisfied so far.

Now that it is January, I’m back!  LOL!!!  I stepped on the scale this morning and I weighed in at 203 lbs.  I am picking up right where I left off back at the beginning of November with those small changes I implemented for myself that have worked so far.  I’ll report back on my wedding anniversary coming up in February!  See you then!

Special K Fruit Crisps

Don't these look delicious? Mmmmmm!


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  1. Akhil says:

    Hi!! Thanks for your blog. I have been trying hard to lose weghit. I was a beautiful skinny child who was an overacheiver and happy. Although i dont think I have been a victim of sexual abuse. I remember extreme physical abuse etc. Plus some really horrible experiences with boyfriends during my teens. I am going to research on the pregnant diet. Thanks

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