Candle Safety

I just got this card from a purchase I made at Bath and Body Works about candle safety.  It is always good to be reminded of things we might overlook from time to time.  Here they are:

1.  READ & FOLLOW SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS!  Read the label.  Every candle label contains important information about how to and how long to safely burn your candle!

2.  KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR CANDLES!  Always burn candles where you can see them and never near anything that can catch fire.  Plus, by always keeping them in draft-free areas, candle will burn slower and more evenly.  And don’t forget to blow them out when you leave a room!

3.  KEEP YOUR CANDLES CLEAN!  Trim wicks to 1/4 inch before you light them…every time!  Straight, short wicks make your candles melt evenly.  Properly dispose of used matches and wick trimmings instead of leaving them in the candle.

4.  KEEP CANDLES OUT OF REACH!  Watch pets and children to avoid candles being accidentally knocked over.

5.  DECORATE FOR SAFETY!  Candle holders don’t just dress up your candles – using heat-resistant holders specifically designed for use with candles contains drips and melted wax and protects underlying surfaces.

Of course, there are also flameless candles, which are fast becoming the better choice in home decor.  There are even scented ones out there now.  Still, these are great tips!  I will be taping this up on my refrigerator because I love candles and it doesn’t hurt to keep it handy!

Candle Safety

Thanks Bath & Body Works!

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