A Single Anemone

I LOVE jewelry!  What woman doesn’t?  I love to outfit myself with some kind of jewelry along with my wedding rings whether I’m going to the corner store or only stepping out for the evening.  I love adding a little sparkle to my wardrobe!

I’m very careful when it comes to purchasing jewelry.  I never buy anything expensive or pieces I can’t afford and I buy pieces I know I will wear and not just leave in my jewelry box.  I don’t have a huge jewelry wardrobe.  The jewelry I own I have bought over time and I made sure that I really did want them and, even if it sounds silly, pieces that I could give my daughter later.  I like to think that my stuff is unique and has that wow factor.

One problem I have always had is in the earring department.  I love wearing earrings and I never go a day without them, even at night, I wear them to bed.  Ha ha ha!  The problem:  I CANNOT wear clip earrings!  They hurt!  Do they hurt you too?  Ugh, why do they have to hurt so bad?  I guess the obvious solution is to not wear them but what if there is a pair that are so absolutely FAB?  I have one pair of clip earrings that I just couldn’t pass up.  The pair was on sale for the longest time and I debated for just as long on whether to purchase them.  I don’t wear clip earrings, period, however, these were too good to let go.  When I received them, I loved them!  Too quickly, though, I discovered why I don’t wear clip earrings.  They hurt!

Here’s a tip:  The designer (Heidi Daus, she’s great!) said to wear clip earrings as close to the face as possible because that is where there is the least amount of pressure and that is the natural position of a clip earring to frame the face.  Ok, so I tried it and yes, it does help.  I can wear these beautiful earrings for a whole day before they really start to hurt and give me a headache and pinch my ears!

Here’s another tip:  Another tip I got about pierced earrings that don’t hang right on the ear is to change the backs.  I have a pair of black and turquoise button earrings that have a butterfly back.  The earrings are a little heavy so they hang awkwardly on my ear and look as if they will fall off so I rarely wore them because of that.  A friend told me to change the backs from a butterfly to a bullet disk back.  Oh my!  It worked!  They stay flat on my earlobe and you can actually see them and they are not dangling anymore.  I have my earrings back!

Sometimes you can make mistakes with pieces you purchase, especially if you order them online, but that can become a great gift.  Shhhh….no one needs to know!  Further, mistakes can be fixed so before you throw away or give away a piece of jewelry, see if there is a fix for them.

And by the way, I only have one pair of clip earrings.  Even though I found a solution to my problem, I don’t think I will ever purchase another pair of clips again, not even if they are absolutely FAB!

A Single Anemone Clip Earring

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