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We moms can all use a lot of tips, shortcuts, and little tricks to make our lives easier and efficient and who better than to ask other moms?  Following are two links to a great site for moms called Design Mom by Gabrielle Blair and today’s blog post is so informative!  Check it out!

Design Mom asks:  Will you share your all-time favorite low-budget-but-genius beauty product with me?

and on Facebook:

I love her blog!  She is awesome!

Here is what I posted on her Facebook post:

Monica Laura

Because I have adult acne (at 43, ugh!) I use Proactiv because it is the only thing that keeps my face clear.  I use the original Oil of Olay as a moisturizer every day and night because it is the only thing that is non-greasy and softens my skin like nothing else.  Finally, I like Mac Studio Fix because it is the only thing I use on my face that is the lightest and looks as if I am not wearing anything at all.  I put it on and it is like Bare Minerals, light and easy.  I spend about $100 a year on Proactiv (a specific program deal I have, about 3 times a year), I spend $60 on Mac a year (I buy it twice a year and I use it every day, it really does last and work.  I just change the application pads often), and I use Oil of Olay every day and I spend roughly $20 a year on that (I buy a bottle about 3 times a year).
Mac Studio Fix

This is my MAC product. It works!

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