Happy New Year!  I hope all went well with family and friends, that you didn’t make any resolutions (come on, NO ONE keeps them, right?), and that you are looking forward to this new year, just like me!

I want to further expand and share with you about my last post regarding decorating ideas for your home or craft and quilting ideas you can get inspiration from.   I mentioned that I look at haciendas for inspiration too.  These grand, old style homes not only have cultural roots in its architecture, but there is also an abundance of concepts you can duplicate.  From colors to decor, you can take and image and make it your own.

Hacienda’s are beautiful, spacious farm houses or ranches that offer a huge interior and an expansive landscape.  These homes are different from mansions because it keeps that rugged, worn look matching its location.  Most like to keep to the old traditions, such as using a fireplace to heat the interior instead of using a heater.  I like that.  It makes it cozier.  Of course I will perhaps in this lifetime never own such a home, but I can redo a lot of my own home to make it comfortable and pleasing just like those homes.  If you take a look at the attached picture you will see how you can match or borrow from the hacienda.  This is an hacienda in Mexico.  I love this setup, for example.  You are right in front of the fireplace and have a lot of comfortable seating.  Of course, my taste in colors are different, darker actually, to make it more me.  The lamps and nick knacks are a little outdated for me as well but again, it’s the setup that I am interested in.  I can add my own touches on furniture and such.  I like the way the main sofa faces the fireplace and how the sofa table is positioned right behind the sofa.  I love the french door too, although I can probably do without the little detailing on the edges of the doorways.  Perhaps a different chandelier.  Can’t have everything!  I also love the idea of fabric couches or throw pillows.  Perhaps just using a throw blanket will add to the room.

So, a great place to look for more inspiration are haciendas.  They are wonderful pieces of art all by themselves.  It’s like looking at a magazine.  Better Homes and Gardens is a great magazine and I love it but I love these ideas too!  What do you think?  Television.  That’s where I first came across this particular one.  Great, isn’t it?  The picture can do the talking.


A typical Mexican hacienda. Get inspired!

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