An Inspiring (or Imaginative) Idea!

Erica Barry's Living Room

Wow! Look at those windows!

As I’ve mentioned before, there are a lot of places where you can get inspiration for decorating a space.  Once you find a space of your own, then comes the fun part.

Where do you look to for inspiration?  What colors do you like?  What kind of decor suits you best?  HGTV, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Pier 1, and countless specialty shops and shows provide amazing ideas on what to do, what to choose, and how to put your space together.  But what about looking at television for a bit of variation?

Have you ever noticed how some shows, especially comedies or dramas, and especially movies, stage their locations or sets?  Take the drama Brothers and Sisters, for example.  The family living room is wonderful because it is cozy and homey (picture below).  I can imagine myself sinking into that comfortable couch before the fireplace and enjoying an evening with family.  I love the use of the lime green color in the background with the drapey, dark green and sheer, off-white curtains for privacy.  The actual furniture pieces are fine but what my eye really falls on is the setup of the room.  You can see the fireplace just off to the left of the sofas in this picture.  Doesn’t this just inspire you?  If you notice, a lot of the homey effect is using accessories such as throw pillows, lamps, curtains, vases, books and plants.  There are a few choice furniture pieces too but you can get a lot of the big pieces from garage sales and refinish them yourself.  So you can get this living room inexpensively, right?  This is just one example I love.  The other one I like that I’ve seen that I absolutely love is the house from the movie Something’s Gotta Give.  I love her study (her beautiful work space), the living room, the kitchen, and the best feature of all, the incredible WINDOWS!  Of course, this is a Hampton house and there is expense involved but remember, you can recreate just about anything with a little imagination and a lot of inspiration from these photos.  I don’t like that the movie stages the house as a practically all-white house but that is what paint is for!

Some other suggestions that I like:  According to Jim:  the kitchen and master bedroom and bath;  The Secret Life of An American Teenager:  the kitchen-dining room combo, the dark browns, reds and greens of the house interior;  Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility:  many architectural features throughout the house and also the treehouse in the latter film; Must Love Dogs:  kitchen, front porch, dining room (beautiful built-ins) and so many other ideas.  If you look closely at the shows or movies you watch you will find a lot of touches that are both simple and affordable and easy to recreate.  All it takes is an idea.  My taste runs towards a cozy, comfortable space, be it the living room, kitchen, study, or bedroom.  Remember, you can convert any space you have into an elegant place to live without breaking the bank.  It doesn’t have to be hard either.  Make it simple and fun, and best of all, do it yourself, if you can.

Inspiration.  By the way, I will expand on where else I look for inspiration:  Haciendas!

Brothers and Sisters Living Room

I love the use of the green and different accessories. Cozy.

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