Happy Holidays and Have A GREAT New Year!

As I look back on this past year, I think about everything I am fortunate to have and everything that I have been blessed with.  There have been many trying times, financially and personally, but we have our home, our children are healthy, we have food on the table, and we are happy and safe.  Everything else is gravy.

On thing that I do take a closer look at is at myself.  I have a lot of growing to do both professionally and personally.  Balancing family and a budding business is difficult and slow.  I think that I take it personally when I get attacked on how I raise my children.  Certain family members, especially, who make those snide, sideways remarks about how spoiled my children are, or how I don’t let them do certain things such as ride ATV’s or quads without a helmet and such, are perhaps the hardest.  My son is four years old and to me, he is still a baby.  I can’t control adults, but I can control what goes on in my house.  It’s hard to let all the negative slide off my back, especially when it is constant.  You can’t choose the family you have, you just have to deal with it.  I do stand my ground on a lot of things concerning my children, especially when family is so pushy, and I’ve found out that I did a lot of that this past year.  I hate that.  I hate that I have to defend my position when the decision is solely mine, period.  I’ve come to learn that I spent a lot of unhappy times by myself because of a lot of fallout.  I don’t like that either.  At the end of the day, when everyone is asleep, I reflect on how I can be a better person so that I can make better, decisive decisions that everyone will respect but that won’t make me look like an ogre.  Not that I care what they think, at all, it’s just that I’m thinking how people tend to make life hard and it’s just not worth it.  I’m still thinking on how I can manage certain upcoming situations so that my children will learn the correct lessons and respect their parents too.

This coming year will bring some new milestones, like my son’s first day of school.  I’m both excited and extremely nervous, so much that even now I feel the tears welling up in my eyes.  That is something that I am looking forward to in 2012.

According to the Mayan calendar, the world will come to an end in December 2012.  If that is any motivation to better ourselves, 2012 should be a great year, if we want to make it that way.  I am Roman Catholic so I don’t believe that will happen, however, it is nice to know that at least I can live as if today were my last and that all my decisions will count but most of all, that those I care about and love will be happy.  I like what one expert from a National Geographic Channel program about the explanation of the 2012 Mayan calendar prediction said when asked what he believes will happen at the end of 2012:    He said, “I think the sun will rise and set again…and we will All see it.”

Enough said.

A Gift of Reflection and Hope

Reflection and Hope

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