A Great Item for Hand Quilting

Working away on my designs in the Comfort Trunk, I would like to share a GREAT tool I use to transfer designs onto fabrics:  the transfer veil.

There are all kinds of methods you can use to transfer designs such as design templates that use plastic or cardboard, but I’ve found that this method is far easier and in my opinion, more accurate.

When you have the veil all you need to do is place the veil over a design you’ve created,x or perhaps something you saw in a book, or maybe a picture you like, and trace it.  You then place the veil with the design you’ve just traced over the fabric you want to use and trace the design again onto the fabric and viola!  You’re done!  Just make sure to be patient if you don’t see the lines immediately.  It takes a few seconds to appear.

The veil is also very practical because you can wash it and then re-use it, saving you time and money.  That is something we can all use nowadays!

If you are looking to create great designs using this method, you can get this package at just about any quilt store or several retail stores that carry needles and thread.  Even so, it is better to go to a specialty quilt shop in your area (they will appreciate your business.  Support small businesses, yes!) or to a fabric shop like Joann Stores.  They tend to carry brands that cater to quilters.  This package is by Bohin.

I hope this helps.  This is what I use to transfer my designs and it gets me to be creative too!

Transfer Veil

Transfer Veil with Blue Transfer Pen by Bohin

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