On The First Day of Christmas

My true love gave to me…

The twelve days of Christmas are as interpretive as you want to make it.  According to Wikipedia, the lyrics make a list of grand gifts to be given for each day of the Christmas season.  You can apply it to just about anything.

A partridge in a pear tree!

Actually, I am getting the good old-fashioned fireplace and hot chocolate days during this holiday season.  I love the feel of a good roaring fire in the fireplace, sitting in my favorite chair with a throw and a cup of hot chocolate.  Cozy comes to mind and this is the best time to do it.  If you have a fireplace take advantage of this simple pleasure and experience the coziness of the season!  My first gift of Christmas.


Harry Potter Fireplace

Here is where I spend a lot of hot chocolate days! Cozy!


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