22nd Day of Christmas

Decorating!  It’s time again to decorate the halls (lol!) and transform the landscape into a Christmas wonderland!  I don’t do much outside decorating yet because I really just don’t have the time, however, I do put up a couple of things just so that my children can see the lights at night.  I think you can never go wrong with Snoopy.  I like unique ideas and I love this display.  I hope to do more and more each year.  This is what is sitting outside next to my tree on the lawn:

Christmas Snoopy

How cute!

One Response to 22nd Day of Christmas

  1. Jatinder says:

    uh, excuse me; did you say eaddlr? A red eaddlr? Wow!I was really liking all your christmas decor, then you threw in the red eaddlr and I can’t even remember what else you showed in this post. I’m in eaddlr love right now, and it’s all your fault! ;)Love all your vintage and metal christmas decor, but you know for me it’s the red eaddlr that made my heart go pitty-pat.I’m a procrasinator too, finally did my decorating and shopping and have started the wrapping. Now I just need to go back and add ribbons and bows. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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