NO! Not The Mom Jeans!

Oh gosh, like with a lot of colorful things that have changed my life I never thought this would be one of them.  Well…….at least not so drastically!  I think every woman secretly harbors the fantasy of having a perfect behind with perfect looking designer jeans.  Or at least that 20-year old butt we used to have!  Ahhh!  Every woman should have a good pair of favorite jeans in her wardrobe, along with a little black shrug.  You can throw on anything, match just about anything with a favorite pair of jeans.

I am 6 ft even and the biggest problem I have ever had, was finding jeans that were long enough.  Through trial and error I figured out that my inseam is 36 inches for the jeans to look somewhat fashionable.  I hate wearing jeans that are too short!  I look terrible and worse, it accentuates my height, which I am still a little shy about.  I went through all kinds and I often wondered why designers or stores didn’t carry very many “tall” sizes.  5’8 is considered tall and a 32 inch inseam is considered long.   Wow!  I sure had a lot of trouble finding jeans!

I finally did find some though, at reasonable prices.  J.C. Penny carries Lee jeans and Victoria’s Secret carries the London Jean and their signature Hipsters.  I absolutely love Victoria’s Secret jeans!  They fit just like those models who use them, no kidding!  The Lee jeans are great too because they are so casual and they look just as nice.

After I had my babies, though, things changed a lot!  Of course, dumb me thought I would just jump back into my size 12 jeans but oops!  What a surprise!  So I went back to trying to find jeans that fit and that were long enough.  I got away for a long time with maternity jeans and pants.  So easy with all that elastic!  I suppose I could still wear them but maternity clothing are designed and shaped differently so the fit isn’t always great and depending on the garment, sometimes you can tell that you are wearing maternity clothes.

I don’t have a problem with elastic waistbands.  The problem is finding some pants that are long enough in regular clothing.  The hunt took me to The Gap, J.C. Penny, and Victoria’s Secret.  All three carry jeans that are big enough and long enough for me to wear without the fear of looking like I’m wearing “mom” jeans!  LOL!  The big difference is the price.  Victoria’s Secret are the nicest but they are the most expensive.  The good thing about their line is that when there is a sale, I go for it!  The Gap is the most inexpensive and are the most “hip” I guess, for the lack of a better word.  (Me, using the word hip!  LOL!)  J.C. Penny is the store that carries the Lee brand and quite honestly, that would be the “to go” jeans because they fit and they are reasonably priced.  Since I am big on coupons, sales, and discounts, that drops the price even more.

So the point I’m trying to make is that moms don’t have to wear ill-fitted jeans or “mom jeans”.  A mom is not condemned to look awkward just because her body has changed its shape from that 20-year-old butt of old.  If you are a mom in that situation and while you are in the process of slimming down, those are good options I just outlined.  I went through all that too.  I am still slimming down but thank goodness I have choices.  I think I would still have been perfectly fine with elastic.  NOT!

Victoria's Secret Hipster Jeans

My Favorite "MOM" Jeans! LOL!

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